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Boozy Footy

Boozy Footy


  I’ll say it again – I got lucky with this job.  The weekends have been filled with beach side adventures and last weekend was no different.  Jam Bay in Khanom hosted a “football” tournament (soccer to us Yanks) for different teachers in the area.  Our guys and Maggie hit the field…but not before a few beers.




While other teams warmed up in their matching t-shirts, our team threw back some brews and swam…typical.



Is that Patch, Pete and Shane?

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The crowd drank, the ref drank, and even Sam drank…on the field.

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Even with storm clouds rolling in, the Surat teachers- especially Daniel Cliffe of ‘Daniel and the Cliff Hangers’ – kicked ass… and some have broken toes to prove it!

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I’d probably give the MVP award to Joel for saving so many goals and basically winning the game for everyone!









Chew on That

Chew on That