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Secret Festy Snacks

Secret Festy Snacks


Image When I started attending music fests I hit the $1 pizza stand all day, 'er day.  Then at the last Wormtown [after inhaling a few loaded baked potatoes] I stumbled across the grilled cheese stand.

Now grilled cheese and tomato soup are a childhood staple...specially a camp staple for me.  After a rainy day at camp we'd all hope and pray that grilled cheese awaited us in the mess hall.  [No, seriously...we'd pray.  It was a Catholic camp.] And while Chef Bob did a great job with his cheesy masterpiece...these guys took the cake.

Grilled cheese has gone gourmet in many places from the traditional bacon and tomato...to spinach with gouda.  But this simple delicacy at Wormtown had your plain ol' white bread, American cheese...with garlic and rosemary.  That right there changed the game.  Simple, classic, perfect.

Just a little garlic and rosemary thrown into a pan with oil and butter changes the whole dynamic of this childhood snack and makes it elegant...ok maybe not elegant, but definitely better!

Snack on kids!

Two Broke Girls in Germany

Two Broke Girls in Germany

A little morning treat...